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Though she’s running for the GOP nomination to Congress in Virginia’s 7th District as a “conservative outsider” capable of taking on the radical left and career politicians, Taylor Keeney has a long history of aligning herself with both, having shown support for the never-Trump wing of the GOP establishment since 2016. Keeney even backed efforts to remove Trump from office just months before announcing her run for Congress, and has previously worked as an aide to Cindy McCain.

Taylor Keeney recently announced her run for Congress, releasing a campaign ad parroting high priority conservative talking points and vowing to fight against the “extreme agenda” of the far-left and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In the ad, Keeney also promises to “restore integrity” to America’s elections and fight for voter-ID while taking on career politicians though notably absent from the ad were mentions of immigration control and border security.

Though she casts herself as a “conservative outsider,” Keeney appears to be anything but, having worked as a press assistant for Cindy McCain during John McCain’s failed 2008 presidential campaign and going on to work as press secretary for former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell during his time in office.

As early as 2016, Keeney was showing support for anti-Trump content over Twitter, having “liked” dozens of anti-Trump tweets from the so-called never-Trump wing of the GOP establishment. In one of her Tweets from 2016, Keeney supported calls from ex-GOP Senator Jeff Flake for then-candidate Trump to drop out of the Presidential race, just a month ahead of Election Day, a move that would have guaranteed a Clinton victory. Keeney also showed support for anti-Trump tweets from the Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson, and never-Trump CNN contributor Ana Navarro when she called Trump and his supporters “delusional.” Read more…