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As Pennsylvania’s primary election day approaches, attacks against pro-life Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kathy Barnette and her supporters by the Trump political machine are becoming more shrill, more unhinged.

Against daunting odds, Barnette’s popularity has surged in the final stretch of the campaign before next Tuesday’s statewide elections, with recent polling showing that she has doubled her grassroots support in the last week and is now in a statistical dead heat with Trump-endorsed Dr. Mehmet Oz.

To outside observers, it appears that the Trump political machine is in panic mode over its fraying connection with the Keystone State’s conservative grassroots voters, a sign that Trump’s 2024 re-election chances are weakening.

As such, statements from former Trump administration Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, a homosexual pro-LGBT activist who often serves as a surrogate for the former president, convey a sense of panic and desperation. Read more…