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Despite ongoing investigations and indictments targeting former President Donald Trump, the latest NBC News poll indicates that his popularity within the Republican Party remains strong and even appears to be growing. The poll shows Trump leading the primary field with a significant 29-point lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, up from a 15-point lead in April. These numbers suggest that the Justice Department’s attempts to undermine Trump have had little impact on his standing among Republican primary voters.

Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies noted that Trump’s sustained support in the face of a federal indictment is unprecedented and indicates a resilient base. Even though Trump’s opponents hoped a crowded field of challengers would weaken his support, the poll reveals that his lead remains solid, with DeSantis being the only candidate coming close. Trump’s support increases when the rest of the field is removed, showing that he maintains a strong foothold within the party.

The poll also highlights that a significant portion (64%) of Republican voters view the investigations and indictments against Trump as politically motivated. This sentiment may contribute to the lack of impact on his popularity. Furthermore, in a hypothetical general election matchup against President Joe Biden, the poll shows a close race, with Biden holding a 4-point edge over Trump, just beyond the margin of error. This suggests that if the election were to become a Trump-Biden rematch, the focus would once again be on Trump rather than Biden.

It is important to note that the poll was conducted nationwide and does not provide a state-by-state breakdown of primary delegate preferences. However, the results indicate that Trump’s position within the Republican Party remains strong despite ongoing legal challenges. As the investigation and indictment processes continue, it remains to be seen whether there will be any significant shifts in Trump’s standing among Republican voters.