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Former President Donald Trump continues to amass significant campaign funds despite facing multiple indictments and even having his first-ever presidential mugshot taken. Trump’s campaign reports raising $20 million in August alone, and since his processing at the Fulton County jail, he has managed to raise over $9.4 million. Surprisingly, even the release of his mugshot became a lucrative fundraising opportunity, with supporters purchasing merchandise featuring the now-iconic image.

The campaign capitalized on the attention generated by the mugshot, featuring it on various items available for purchase on Trump’s official website. The “never surrender” slogan accompanying the image resonated with his supporters, although critics pointed out the irony, given that the mugshot was taken when he surrendered for processing at the jail. The merchandise sales have been substantial, including 36,000 T-shirts, 24,000 coffee mugs, and 8,600 posters.

Amid discussions about Trump’s mounting legal bills, it’s noteworthy that the funds generated from the mugshot merchandise are earmarked for political and campaign activities, rather than covering legal expenses. Trump has reportedly spent tens of millions of dollars on legal fees since the string of indictments began. He now faces a total of 91 counts across four separate indictments.

After each indictment, Trump’s campaign saw spikes in fundraising, particularly after the release of his mugshot. Campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung highlighted the campaign’s “organic” fundraising growth, attributing some of the success to Trump’s social media engagement. Even as Trump’s legal battles continue, his campaign’s messaging emphasizes his commitment to his mission to “save America.”

In an unexpected turn of events, a rap song titled “First Day Out” was released, inspired by Trump’s arrest. The song, created by Hi-Rez The Rapper, quickly garnered millions of views and sales. While created in jest, the song plays on various aspects of Trump’s arrest, legal proceedings, and his well-known political stance.

The Trump campaign’s ability to maintain a robust fundraising effort despite legal challenges and public controversies underscores the unique landscape of modern presidential campaigns. From merchandise sales to unconventional forms of cultural engagement, Trump’s campaign remains active and generates significant attention, reflecting the polarizing and dynamic nature of today’s political scene.