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Donald Trump’s recent rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, not only brought in a significant number of enthusiastic supporters but also injected a much-needed economic boost into the beach town’s boardwalk. The anticipated economic impact, as reported by CBS News and awaited by Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano, is expected to be in the millions, highlighting the positive ripple effects of such high-profile events on local businesses.

Mayor Troiano expressed the sentiment that hosting a president or a presidential candidate is always beneficial for a community, describing it as a win-win situation due to the economic feast it brings to businesses. This sentiment was echoed by local establishments like Capt’n Jack’s bar and restaurant, whose owner, Sean Dougherty, likened the rally’s impact to major holiday weekends combined, citing a substantial boost in business that helped cover essential expenses.

Dougherty’s experience of a bustling Saturday on the boardwalk, typically slow during this time of the year, turning into a thriving hub of activity during Trump’s rally underscores the tangible economic benefits of such events. Instead of closing early as usual, businesses like Capt’n Jack’s welcomed the influx of customers, showcasing the rally’s capacity to stimulate local economies.

The rally’s actual attendance far exceeded initial estimates, with city officials initially anticipating around 40,000 attendees but witnessing a crowd estimated between 80,000 and 100,000, as per a city official from Wildwood. The Trump campaign claimed an even higher turnout, exceeding 100,000 attendees, indicating the immense enthusiasm and support among Trump’s base in the region.

Supporters proudly displayed their allegiance by sporting Trump’s iconic Make America Great Again hats and waving Trump flags, creating a vibrant atmosphere along the beach and boardwalk. The rally’s location between Morey’s Piers and Adventure Pier marked Trump’s return to the city after several years and represented the first major rally in the New York area since 2016, signaling a strong resurgence of political engagement and activism among Trump’s supporters.