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Former President Donald Trump expressed his readiness to return to Washington, D.C., to tackle corruption, citing his first term as a learning experience in identifying the right individuals for key positions. Speaking at Turning Point USA’s Action conference in Florida, Trump acknowledged that he had made some missteps in his initial appointments but emphasized that his time in the White House had provided valuable insights for making better choices in the future.

Trump vowed to complete the task he had begun during his previous tenure and emphasized his determination to confront the Deep State. He asserted that his return to the Oval Office would result in the complete obliteration of the bureaucratic establishment that hindered his administration’s progress. While acknowledging his initial lack of familiarity with the Washington establishment, Trump asserted that he now possessed a deep understanding of the individuals involved, including their strengths, weaknesses, and intelligence levels.

The former president expressed his intention to dismiss corrupt bureaucrats and replace them with individuals he considered to be highly capable and principled. Trump recognized the successes achieved during his first term, such as tax cuts and military rebuilding, but acknowledged that there were individuals he wouldn’t have chosen for certain positions. He claimed to have acquired an extensive knowledge of the people in Washington, considering himself an expert in the subject.

Trump also outlined plans to establish a “truth and reconciliation” commission that would be responsible for declassifying and making public documents related to censorship and surveillance. He emphasized the importance of transparency and ensuring that the truth regarding these matters was brought to light.

In conclusion, Trump pledged to work towards resolving the conflict in Ukraine even before taking office, expressing his commitment to brokering a fair deal. His speech at the conference followed his decision not to participate in a presidential candidate forum hosted by Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News host, the day before.