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Former President Donald Trump made a high-profile appearance at UFC 290 in Las Vegas, Nevada, receiving a warm welcome from the crowd and mingling with celebrities and fighters. Accompanied by UFC President Dana White, Trump was seen interacting with fans and engaging with various notable personalities throughout the event. He was photographed with Joe Rogan, Mel Gibson, and celebrity chef Guy Fieri, among others. UFC 290 was the headline event of International Fight Week, an annual gathering for mixed martial arts enthusiasts.

Prior to attending the fight, Trump delivered a 40-minute speech at Calvary Chapel in Las Vegas, where he criticized the direction of the country under President Joe Biden. Trump accused Biden of being corrupt and incompetent, pointing to issues such as immigration, crime, and the economy as areas where he believes the current administration has failed. He also referenced allegations of improper business dealings by the Biden family, claiming that the president has accepted millions of dollars from foreign countries like China. Trump expressed his determination to fight for the future and stated that he has not written off Nevada as a state to contest in the 2024 election.

Trump’s presence at UFC events is not unprecedented, as he has been a frequent attendee and supporter of the sport. His appearance at UFC 290 generated excitement among fans and showcased his ongoing influence and engagement in the political and entertainment spheres.