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Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray has taken a stand in favor of former President Donald Trump’s appeal to the Supreme Court to maintain his presence on the Colorado 2024 presidential primary ballot. Gray submitted an amicus brief arguing that the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to exclude Trump from the ballot based on the insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment was both wrongful and unconstitutional. According to Gray, the decision, reached in December, was unprecedented and “outrageously wrong,” representing a politically motivated attempt to weaponize the 14th Amendment against Trump.

In his statement, Gray emphasized the need to resist the “radical Left’s unAmerican and unconstitutional attempts” to use the Fourteenth Amendment against Trump and the American people. Despite facing criticism from the left-wing media, Gray expressed his commitment to defending the truth and ensuring that the people of Wyoming can make their electoral choices freely. The amicus brief argued that the court’s decision disenfranchised millions of voters and eroded confidence in elections nationwide, including in Wyoming.

Gray, represented by America First Legal and Stone Hilton PLLC, contended that Trump’s actions did not amount to insurrection or aiding the enemies of the United States. The filing asserted that the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision contradicted the text and historical interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment. America First Legal Vice President Gene Hamilton praised Secretary Gray as an American patriot committed to the rule of law.

While the Supreme Court has yet to issue a ruling on Trump’s appeal, arguments are scheduled to be heard on February 8, with Colorado’s primary set for March 5. Trump, in a brief filed on Thursday, warned of the potential chaos resulting from upholding his removal from the ballot, emphasizing the broader implications of such disqualification efforts on millions of American voters and the electoral process.