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Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer, currently chairing the House Oversight Committee, engaged in an interview with Newsmax host Eric Bolling where he shed light on his decision to abstain from appearing on “Fox & Friends” due to discord with Steve Doocy, one of the show’s co-hosts. This divergence stems from disagreements over the coverage of crucial issues, particularly concerning the efforts to impeach President Joe Biden.

Fox News, once revered, has shifted in tone and approach, not entirely comparable to the credibility crisis plaguing outlets like CNN and MSNBC. However, like many centrist news entities, there’s concern that certain individuals may sway towards the establishment line. This issue became apparent during a discussion on Biden’s impeachment, where Eric Bolling highlighted a segment featuring Doocy implying Republicans lacked evidence in their pursuit of corruption allegations against the Bidens.

Doocy’s assertion, that Republicans failed to substantiate claims against Joe Biden, irked Comer, who countered with a reference to checks supposedly tied to influence-peddling schemes reaching the President’s hands. The exchange underscored Comer’s discontent with Doocy’s views and raised questions about the underlying motives behind such opinions.

Speculations arose regarding Doocy’s intentions—whether his statements aimed at generating viral content for Fox News or genuinely reflected his beliefs. Comer’s decision to discontinue appearances on ‘Fox & Friends’ stemmed from such conflicts, as Doocy consistently offered critical commentary on the investigation, a stance not resonating with the typical Fox News viewer.

Recent reports by the House committees shed light on the Department of Justice’s irregular handling of the Hunter Biden investigation, accusing Biden-appointed U.S. Attorneys of avoiding cooperation, exacerbating the tensions surrounding the probe.

In defense of Doocy’s remarks, it’s conceivable that he harbors skepticism about the strength of the case against the Bidens. Perhaps he’s motivated by a fervent desire to hold them accountable for any wrongdoings, albeit seeking stronger evidence to do so effectively.

The imperative lies in ensuring accountability for Joe and Hunter Biden, potentially rectifying the perceived imbalance in the American justice system. Comer’s rift with Doocy reflects the polarized dynamics within media and politics, raising uncertainties about their future rapport.