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It has come to light that Ron DeSantis is poised to join forces with Donald Trump in the lead-up to the 2024 election, setting aside past differences to rally behind a common Republican cause.

The decision stemmed from a private meeting held between the two in Florida over the weekend, as reported by the New York Post. Sources familiar with the meeting revealed that Trump and DeSantis convened in Miami, reaching an agreement that DeSantis would actively support Trump’s campaign efforts in the Sunshine State.

The meeting, orchestrated by Florida real estate mogul Steve Witkoff, a mutual friend of both leaders, was characterized as a cordial and productive event, a departure from some of their previous interactions.

This meeting marked the first direct communication between Trump and DeSantis since the latter exited the Republican primary race and endorsed Trump. DeSantis emphasized the sentiment among Republican primary voters who are eager to give Trump another opportunity, citing challenges faced during Trump’s presidency and ongoing attacks from Democrats.

While acknowledging past disagreements, particularly regarding the Covid-19 pandemic response and figures like Anthony Fauci, DeSantis reaffirmed his endorsement of Trump, citing Trump’s superiority over Joe Biden and the necessity to break away from old Republican norms.

The primary campaign had seen tensions between Trump and DeSantis, with Trump dubbing DeSantis as “Ron ‘DeSanctimonious'” at times. Despite this, DeSantis’s pledge to support the Republican nominee underscores a strategic alliance aimed at securing a Republican victory in the upcoming election, signaling a united front within the party.