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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, during a recent interview on Fox News, emphasized the importance of Republican members of the House of Representatives fulfilling their campaign promises. He urged them not to be overly concerned about what the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate might be willing to accept.

DeSantis noted that these Republican representatives were elected by their constituents, and as such, they should follow through on the commitments they made during their campaigns. He encouraged them to stand by their principles, even if they anticipate challenges in the Senate.

He stressed the urgency of addressing the country’s fiscal challenges and the growing national debt. DeSantis highlighted that both parties share responsibility for the escalating debt levels and insisted that Republicans need to offer a clear alternative to address the nation’s financial issues.

DeSantis also expressed his support for the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, citing concerns about corruption and significant financial flows into the Biden family’s accounts. While acknowledging the debate over the proper role of impeachment, he argued that there appears to be more evidence in this case than in the impeachment proceedings against former President Trump.

In conclusion, Governor DeSantis encouraged Republican representatives to stay true to their campaign promises, tackle fiscal issues, and pursue investigations into potential corruption within the Biden administration. He emphasized the importance of keeping the country on a path toward fiscal responsibility and accountability.