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The battle against Big Tech and woke corporations took another dramatic turn in June as conservatives confronted another hard truth. Not only must Americans face the fear that Big Tech can censor them at a moment’s notice, but now woke corporations are monitoring their social lives to determine if people are safe to keep as customers.

American banks have now entered the political fray and are beginning to lock conservatives out of their savings accounts. Wells Fargo reportedly shut down the bank account of former 2020 Senate candidate Lauren Witzke (R-DE), and she is unfortunately not the first conservative that an American bank targeted for her beliefs. Chase Bank terminated the bank account of then-Rebel Media host Martina Markota in 2019. In what also appears to be resistance to the Second Amendment, banks have increasingly severed their ties with the firearms industry. Chase Bank has notably limited its business dealings with gunmakers.

Big Tech also continued its war against the First Amendment in June. YouTube censored the conservative news platform Real America’s Voice on more than one occasion. The Real America’s Voice channel was reportedly suspended for a week after posting an interview with former President Donald Trump. YouTube then reportedly removed another video from the channel that featured an interview with former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (R). Read more…