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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) strongly criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for supporting a $60 billion Ukraine aid package, marking a divide within the Republican Party over foreign aid allocation. Greene condemned the federal government’s pattern of using taxpayer money to fund foreign wars, labeling it as a “sick business model” that doesn’t align with the priorities of the American people. She emphasized the growing national debt, which surpasses $34 trillion, and criticized Congress for neglecting urgent domestic issues such as border security and economic struggles faced by Americans.

In her fiery statement, Greene underscored the disconnect between Washington’s allocation of billions for foreign aid while many Americans struggle to afford basic necessities like groceries, healthcare, and childcare. She accused both Republicans and Democrats who supported the aid package of prioritizing foreign interests over the well-being of their own citizens, calling out the government’s failure to address pressing domestic challenges.

The aid package, aimed at assisting Ukraine with defense and economic support, has drawn attention to the broader debate on America’s role in global affairs versus its responsibilities at home. Supporters argue that aiding Ukraine strengthens U.S. alliances, supports defense industries, and contributes to job growth. However, critics like Greene argue that such spending is unsustainable given the national debt and ongoing struggles faced by American families.

Greene’s criticism extended to the notion of peace being undervalued in Washington’s “disgusting business model,” highlighting the focus on military spending over diplomatic solutions. She emphasized the toll of foreign conflicts on both American resources and the lives affected by wars abroad, framing the aid package as part of a larger pattern of misplaced priorities within the government.

The aid package’s details, including significant allocations for weapons and defense systems, reflect ongoing U.S. support for Ukraine amid tensions with Russia. Greene’s outspoken opposition sheds light on internal party debates over foreign policy, budget priorities, and the role of the federal government in addressing domestic and international challenges.