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Arizona state senator-elect Wendy Rogers is doubling down after being chided by the fake news media for refusing to throw Confederate general Robert E. Lee under the bus due to political expediency.

On Monday, Rogers posted in a tweet that Lee was a “great patriot and a great leader” and that is why he was being targeted for removal by cancel culture:

She then followed that up with a controversial statement venerating Lee’s patriotism above that of the modern Left:

Rogers pointed out that Lee bravely served his nation while socialists subvert and destroy their host nation from within:

When the fake news attempted to scapegoat her, Rogers posted the hit piece defiantly and refused to back down an inch:

Weak beta males and anti-white communists were equally triggered by Rogers’ steadfast unwillingness to grovel and whined on Twitter about her remarks:

While the haters may be angry because of Rogers’ unabashed sentiments about General Lee, they pale in comparison to former President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s praise of the man. Read more…