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Since Republicans regained control of Congress, oversight and investigations have been moving at a rapid pace, with the assistance of whistleblowers from federal agencies who are willing to expose the inner workings of the Biden administration. The House Oversight Committee, chaired by Rep. James Comer (R-KY), will hold a hearing with two IRS whistleblowers to address the agency’s handling of the Hunter Biden investigation. One of the whistleblowers, Gary Shapley, has already provided testimony about what he witnessed as a supervisory agent. The other, identified as “Whistleblower X,” will also share his experiences.

“Whistleblower X” is described as a gay Democrat who has been with the IRS since 2010, with a background in tax and money laundering investigations. He became part of the International Tax and Financial Crimes Group in 2018. In his opening statement, he expresses concern about the corrosion of ethical standards and the abuse of power within the administration, leading him to expose these actions.

The whistleblower will address arguments against the revelations brought forward by whistleblowers, particularly regarding the questionable handling of the Hunter Biden investigation. He will discuss the issues surrounding the authority of individuals involved and the lack of communication and cooperation within the investigative team.

Additionally, “Whistleblower X” will reveal his decision to come forward as a whistleblower after facing retaliation from his own agency for attempting to raise concerns internally. He emphasizes that his sexual orientation and political beliefs should not impact his credibility, as his goal is to do what is right and uphold the truth.

The statement also delves into the initiation and transition of the case to the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office, as well as actions taken by prosecutors that hindered progress. The whistleblower recommends the appointment of a special counsel for the case to instill confidence in the fairness of the tax system. He believes that a third-party oversight body should consider taking related cases and spin-off investigations under its authority.

In conclusion, “Whistleblower X” calls for the establishment of an official channel for federal investigators to raise concerns and request the appointment of a special counsel when necessary, to prevent others from experiencing the frustration and disillusionment he faced during his journey.