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Three Republican state lawmakers—Pennsylvania Rep. Aaron Bernstine, Georgia Rep. Charlice Byrd, and Arizona Rep. Cory McGarr—are spearheading efforts to craft legislation aimed at removing President Joe Biden from the presidential ballots in their respective states. The move, if successful, could significantly impede Biden’s candidacy in the Democratic primary and the subsequent presidential election, especially considering the critical swing state status of Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Expressing concerns over what they perceive as Democrats’ employing legal strategies—dubbed “lawfare”—to target former President Donald Trump, these legislators aim to respond by introducing bills that challenge Biden’s eligibility to run for office. Their initiative comes on the heels of the Colorado Supreme Court’s recent ruling that invoked the U.S. Constitution’s “Insurrection Clause” to exclude Trump from the state’s presidential ballot.

The lawmakers, in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News, highlighted the apparent inconsistency in applying this constitutional interpretation, arguing that if Trump is barred due to supposed insurrection-related actions, the same standard should preclude Biden’s candidacy. They pointed to Biden’s handling of the southern border situation and allegations surrounding his family’s business dealings with China as reasons for his potential disqualification under this legal argument.

Their primary objective is not solely about removing Biden but rather to spotlight what they perceive as the Colorado court’s unreasonable decision. They assert that this action seeks to ensure all candidates have the opportunity to be listed on state ballots, emphasizing the need to counteract what they consider communist influences within the current Democratic leadership.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision provoked immediate backlash among Republicans, prompting discussions about obstructing Biden’s presence on ballots in various states. Earlier instances, such as Texas Republicans considering action linked to the Biden administration’s border policies, signal a growing frustration within the GOP regarding perceived overreach by Democratic-led legal maneuvers.

Political strategist Cliff Maloney applauded the lawmakers for their proactive stance against what they view as a Democratic threat to the American Republic. Their efforts have received appreciation from conservatives, with sentiments that highlight the necessity for robust responses to what they perceive as a serious attempt by Democrats to undermine the country’s democratic processes.