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In light of whistleblower revelations regarding the Hunter Biden probe, Senator Ted Cruz is calling for House members to investigate the possibility of impeaching President Joe Biden. A recent survey showed that four in ten likely voters also believe that Congress should initiate impeachment proceedings against the president. The push for impeachment comes after an IRS whistleblower testified that Hunter Biden invoked his father’s name to pressure a Chinese business partner and claimed that Joe Biden was present during the negotiations.

Senator Cruz argues that the evidence from the whistleblower’s testimony, particularly the WhatsApp messages, demonstrates Joe Biden’s abuse of power to benefit his son and potentially himself. He emphasizes that the House should investigate these allegations. What is especially alarming, according to Cruz, is that the IRS whistleblower claims that the Department of Justice, under Merrick Garland, prevented an investigation into these messages.

Former President Donald Trump has also weighed in on the issue, asserting that the Biden family’s corruption scandal is “100 times bigger than Watergate.” Trump cites the recent IRS whistleblower’s revelations as evidence of Joe Biden’s compromised position due to foreign bribery. He alleges that China and other countries have provided significant sums of money to the Biden family, leaving the president vulnerable to their influence and unable to act against their interests.

In a separate development, Representative Andy Ogles has introduced articles of impeachment against President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Ogles accuses them of displaying poor leadership, adding to the growing calls for accountability and investigation into the Biden administration’s conduct.

These developments underscore the concerns of conservatives regarding the alleged corruption within the Biden family and the need for a thorough investigation. They argue that the evidence provided by the whistleblower and previous allegations warrant an examination of whether President Biden abused his power and compromised the integrity of his office. The push for impeachment reflects a belief that no one, regardless of political affiliation, should be above scrutiny and accountability in public office.