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House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, expressed surprise at the announcement of Rep. Ken Buck’s resignation from the chamber earlier on Tuesday. Johnson conveyed his unawareness of Buck’s impending decision, indicating a need for further discussion with the departing congressman. Buck, a Republican from Colorado, notified Johnson approximately 30 minutes before his public announcement, leaving a voicemail to convey the news.

Buck, who had previously declared his intention not to seek reelection in November, disclosed his plan to step down on March 22, culminating his tenure representing Colorado’s fourth congressional district since 2015. He cited dysfunction within Capitol Hill as a significant factor motivating his departure, highlighting the challenges and frustrations encountered during his service.

Responding to inquiries regarding the potential implications of Buck’s early resignation on legislative efforts, Johnson underscored the importance of maintaining consensus and coalition unity within the Republican Party. Despite the setback, Johnson expressed confidence in the party’s ability to navigate forthcoming challenges, emphasizing the unwavering commitment to fundamental conservative principles while pursuing legislative objectives.

Acknowledging the gravity of the tasks ahead, Johnson reiterated the necessity of collaboration among Republican lawmakers, emphasizing the collective understanding of the stakes involved. While concessions may be required at times, Johnson emphasized the non-negotiable commitment to core conservative values, assuring that the party remains steadfast in its pursuit of fulfilling its policy agenda.

In his official statement, Buck expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve Colorado’s fourth district in Congress for the past nine years, extending appreciation to his constituents for their support. He announced his departure from Congress effective the following week, expressing a desire to remain engaged in political affairs while prioritizing time with his family and constituents in Colorado.

Earlier remarks by Buck underscored his principled stance in politics, reaffirming his refusal to compromise his convictions for the sake of partisan interests. Buck’s unwavering commitment to truth and integrity in governance reflects a broader sentiment among conservative lawmakers who prioritize fidelity to their constituents and conservative ideals over political expediency.