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The establishment-backed ‘Gen Z GOP’ front has released an op/ed outlining their vision for the future of the Republican Party, and it is essentially a blueprint for liberalism to reign supreme in America without even so much as token resistance being offered by conservatives.

The op/ed, published by the New York Post and written by sympathetic 21-year-old college student Rikki Schlott, demands a total capitulation by the Republicans to far-left environmentalists and LGBT perverts who are targeting children with their satanic propaganda.

“Calls for progress are coming from young voters of every political persuasion. In fact, while Gen Z Democrats are almost politically identical to their older counterparts, generational differences among Republicans are far more stark,” Schlott wrote.

“Young Republicans want a more dynamic party that meets them in the middle on two major concerns: environmental and social. While the Democratic party champions progress on both, the GOP remains lukewarm on the issues and, as a result, risks breeding a generation of Democrats by default,” she added.

This Gen Z GOP front group is pushing so-called “free market” solutions to the supposed problem of climate change.

“If the GOP were to reshuffle its priorities a little bit to address generational issues and present conservative solutions, they would make huge progress with Generation Z,” said John Olds, the 22-year-old president of Gen Z GOP.

Additionally, Schlott points out that “Gen Z Republicans say society does not do enough to accept gender non-conforming people at a rate three times higher than some older Republican generations.” She advocates surrendering completely in the culture war, eviscerating Christian values, and bowing to LGBT perversion.

“Many Gen Z voters imagine Republicans as rigid, evangelizing traditionalists. By adopting a more live-and-let-live philosophy in favor of cultural conservatism, the GOP would appeal to more young people,” she wrote. Read more…