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In a recent installment of “Tucker on Twitter,” former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a bold prediction regarding the 2024 election. Carlson highlighted the WhatsApp messages from Hunter Biden to his Chinese business partner, arguing that they serve as evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s influence-peddling schemes. He referred to these messages as a “smoking gun” that would typically have devastating consequences for a president, but in Joe Biden’s case, they had minimal impact due to the mainstream media’s unwavering defense of him.

Drawing from the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukrainian conflict, Carlson characterized Joe Biden as a pro-war authoritarian. He suggested that emergencies like pandemics and wars empower those in authority to behave like dictators under the guise of democracy. Consequently, Carlson argued that our institutions would do anything to maintain Biden’s hold on power, as the individuals controlling him, such as Susan Rice, continue to run the government behind the scenes.

While Biden’s cognitive decline was easier to conceal during the pandemic, Carlson contended that it has become increasingly apparent and will soon be impossible to ignore. He predicted that within a year or two, Biden’s mental health will deteriorate to the point where it can no longer be hidden. This poses a challenge for the Democratic Party, as Carlson speculated that a succession problem will arise if Biden is reelected and subsequently forced to leave office due to disability or death.

According to Carlson, Kamala Harris assuming the presidency is an undesirable outcome for many. He emphasized that her ascent to the presidency would not be beneficial for anyone, including her husband. Therefore, he theorized that there will likely be a change in the Democratic candidate before the election after Biden’s withdrawal. Carlson proposed that Gavin Newsom, the governor of California and Biden’s close friend, may be a suitable candidate given his perceived ambition for national office and the establishment of a potential presidential campaign infrastructure.

While acknowledging that his theory involves speculation, Carlson suggested that the individual who replaces Biden would need to possess similar qualities of shallowness, ruthlessness, and transactionalism while excelling in flattery skills. Newsom, in Carlson’s view, appears to fulfill these criteria and may emerge as a prominent figure in the Democratic Party’s future leadership.

Overall, Carlson’s prediction raises intriguing possibilities for the 2024 election and the potential succession challenges that the Democratic Party may confront in the event of Biden’s departure from office.