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The 2024 presidential election season is underway, and as usual, it’s accompanied by a roster of no-shot candidates who tend to fade into obscurity before the voters even come into play. This time, it’s the GOP’s turn to witness the drama. While the number of candidates is more manageable than in previous years, this primary season has been far from “normal.” The presence of former President Donald Trump in the race, along with the Democrats’ interference tactics, has made it anything but routine.

Historically, outlier candidates ran in primaries to raise their profiles for future elections or secure positions in the next administration if their party’s candidate emerged victorious. However, the 2024 GOP field features several candidates who have explicitly positioned themselves as anti-Trump figures. Given Trump’s overwhelming popularity within the party, it’s clear that his detractors are not vying for future cabinet positions.

One such candidate, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, stands out as an example of this anti-Trump sentiment. Christie has been out of office for over five years, and his main claim to fame in recent years was endorsing Trump during the 2016 campaign. His persistent issues with Trump are evident, but they seem to have little resonance outside his immediate circle.

A recent speech by Christie at the Florida Freedom Summit revealed the extent of his unpopularity among Trump supporters. When the crowd expressed their displeasure with his criticisms of Trump, Christie attempted to brush it off initially but eventually displayed a petulant demeanor, dismissing the audience as “reprehensible.”

The reality is that candidates who have staked their campaigns on attacking Trump are finding little success, and the longer Trump maintains his dominance in the polls, the more they must be questioning their strategies. It’s time for some of these contenders, including Chris Christie, to acknowledge the writing on the wall and step aside.

They may find solace in media careers like Mike Pence, but it’s time to let the voters decide and stop wasting everyone’s time with futile campaigns.