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Conservatives are expressing skepticism about the legal actions being taken against Donald Trump, viewing them as part of a larger effort by Democrats to target him through what they term as “lawfare” – the use of legal means to advance political goals. They argue that the various legal cases brought against Trump lack substantive merit and are politically motivated.

The Article III Project’s Mike Davis, speaking on the Adult in the Room podcast, outlined the multiple legal cases targeting Trump. He highlighted instances where Trump is facing charges for actions that conservatives view as non-criminal, such as settling financial matters with sophisticated banks, holding presidential documents, and expressing objections to a presidential election. Davis claims that these cases represent an abuse of the legal system and are intended to interfere with the 2024 presidential race.

Davis argues that the Trump legal strategy should involve utilizing the Supremacy Clause to claim immunity in federal court, rather than allowing state cases to proceed. He points to former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, who has claimed immunity and asked for charges to be dropped or stayed. Davis believes that a federal court strategy, if successful, could ultimately reach the Supreme Court and challenge the questionable legal actions against Trump.

Conservatives emphasize the importance of ethical judges who uphold the rule of law in ensuring the success of such a legal strategy. They note that while some judges and prosecutors may be willing to engage in what they consider “lawfare,” there are limits to how long such actions can be sustained without undermining the credibility of the legal system. They believe that every lawless action taken against Trump only serves to strengthen him in the eyes of the public.

The conservative perspective suggests that Trump’s response to these legal challenges should involve a strategic and systematic approach that takes advantage of legal avenues available to him. They argue that the overreach of certain legal actions can ultimately backfire on Democrats and energize Trump’s support base.

In conclusion, conservatives view the legal cases brought against Donald Trump as part of a broader political strategy to undermine him. They advocate for a strategic legal response that involves utilizing federal courts and ethical judges to challenge the questionable actions taken against Trump. Conservatives believe that these legal challenges can ultimately strengthen Trump’s position and expose the motivations behind the lawfare tactics employed by Democrats.