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As the 2024 presidential election draws closer, potential contenders for the Trump ticket are surfacing, with speculation about former First Lady Melania Trump’s preference for Tucker Carlson as a vice-presidential candidate. Sources close to Melania Trump indicated to Axios her admiration for Carlson, citing him as a powerful complement to her husband’s political platform.

Melania sees Carlson, the well-regarded former Fox News host now hosting his own show, as a strong ally who would effectively amplify her husband’s message on the political stage, as reported by the outlet. During an interview in November, when asked about the possibility of Carlson as a running mate, Trump expressed favor, acknowledging Carlson’s common-sense approach and alignment with their shared policies, particularly emphasizing the importance of secure borders and advocating for the effectiveness of walls.

Carlson’s public stance on supporting Trump intensified after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago in August 2022, where classified documents were seized by the DOJ, alleging that Carlson was meant to hand them over to the National Archives. Carlson’s vocal support for Trump escalated post-raid, revealing his unwavering backing for the former president.

Expressing his staunch support for Trump’s policies and highlighting his disagreement with the misuse of the Justice Department to impede Trump’s political momentum, Carlson clarified his active stance in favor of Trump’s cause. His support extends beyond mere political alignment, emphasizing the need for a fair and functioning justice system, positioning his advocacy for Trump as a larger defense of democratic principles.

Carlson underscored that his advocacy for Trump transcends individual disagreements, indicating that his support is grounded in a broader concern for preserving the integrity of the American justice system. He asserted his readiness to rally support, including financial contributions and leading protests if Trump faces unjust conviction. Carlson clarified that his support is contingent on his belief that Trump did not commit any crimes.

The revelation of potential vice-presidential candidates and Carlson’s unwavering support for Trump signals the continuing consolidation of Trump’s influence within the Republican Party and potential strategies for the 2024 election.