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Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott made a significant announcement by endorsing former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential race over the state’s governor, Ron DeSantis. In an op-ed published in Newsweek, Scott expressed his belief that it’s time for the Republican party to rally behind Trump. He emphasized that, while he knows most of the GOP candidates running for the presidency, he sees Trump as the only contender capable of defeating President Joe Biden. While not explicitly requesting other candidates to withdraw from the race, Scott argued that the stakes are too high, and Trump is the best choice for the nation.

In his op-ed, Scott conveyed his concerns about the state of America under the current administration, stating that the nation could be at risk if Republicans fail to unite and combat the actions of the “incompetent, radical Democrats” who, in his view, are undermining America’s core values. He questioned the clarity of President Biden’s leadership and labeled his presidency as an embarrassment to the nation.

Scott expressed his optimism for a return to America’s former position of economic and military strength and its role as a moral leader in the free world. He firmly endorsed his friend, former President Donald J. Trump, as the ideal candidate to become the 47th President of the United States, encouraging every Republican to unite behind Trump’s efforts to reclaim the White House.

The Senator emphasized the importance of unity within the Republican Party, calling for them to come together and declare their collective commitment to defeating Joe Biden and rescuing America. While acknowledging the merits of other presidential candidates, Scott noted that Republican voters have made their preference clear—they want to return to the leadership of Donald Trump.

National polls indicate that Trump enjoys a substantial lead over other GOP candidates, and other polls suggest that he could potentially beat Biden in a general election, further reinforcing Scott’s endorsement and the momentum behind Trump’s potential 2024 candidacy.