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During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Nikki Haley, the Republican presidential candidate and former governor of South Carolina, evaded a direct answer when questioned about supporting former President Donald Trump if he secured the GOP presidential nomination. The interviewer, Jonathan Karl, highlighted Haley’s earlier commitment to back Trump if he won the nomination. However, Haley hesitated, emphasizing her current focus on the ongoing competition against Trump, stating that she is running against him for a reason.

Karl pressed further, referencing Trump’s controversial statements, including encouraging Russia’s actions towards a NATO ally. Haley acknowledged her critiques of Trump, describing him as diminished, unhinged, and unfit for office. Despite her prior commitment to support the Republican nominee, Haley shifted her stance, emphasizing her determination to win the nomination herself. She underscored her dedication to correcting the issues in America, bringing the country together, and ensuring a strong, healing path forward.

Haley confidently expressed her belief that either she or Kamala Harris would become the first female president, firmly asserting that if Trump became the Republican nominee, he would not win based on current polling data. Karl continued to press Haley on whether she would support Trump if he secured the nomination, to which Haley responded with a resolute focus on her candidacy and determination to win, deferring the discussion on support until a later time.

In a final exchange, Karl asked if Trump would support Haley if she became the nominee, to which Haley responded with skepticism, stating, “Do you think he would? I highly doubt it.” Haley’s responses reflect the complexities and uncertainties within the Republican Party regarding Trump’s potential role and influence in future elections.