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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former Trump administration spokeswoman and daughter of a three-term Arkansas governor, won the state GOP nomination Tuesday for the office her father once held.

Sanders, 39, bested former talk radio host and podcaster Doc Washburn in a landslide, netting over 83% of the vote. She will run against nuclear engineer and minister Chris Jones, who won the Democratic nomination for governor. During her victory speech Tuesday night, Sanders invoked the fatal shooting of at least 19 children inside a Texas elementary school as a “stark and humbling reminder of just how precious life is.”

“Every single life has value and the most vulnerable among us should be those that we are fighting for and protecting the most,” Sanders said from Little Rock. “I can assure you that in my administration, that’s exactly what we will do. We will make sure that when a kid is in the womb, they’re as safe as they are in the classroom, the workplace, the nursing home, because every stage of life has value.” Read more…