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Donald Trump, the former president and current GOP presidential candidate, addressed the press ahead of his testimony in a New York City court, launching a scathing critique against Democrats for their relentless legal actions against him. Trump accused them of engaging in what he termed “political warfare” and “election interference.” He pledged that he and his supporters would continue to fight vigorously for the country.

The ongoing lawsuit Trump faces alleges “fraud and misrepresentation” related to financial statements involving his children and associates. In a combative tone, Trump referred to New York Attorney General Letitia James, who brought the lawsuit, as a “racist AG” funded by George Soros. He argued that Democrats seemed to have misplaced priorities in a world grappling with crises like the Israel-Gaza conflict and the situation in Ukraine, not to mention rampant inflation.

Highlighting his strong poll numbers from CBS News and The New York Times, which place him as the presidential front-runner, Trump contended that the trial amounted to “election interference.” He further emphasized that his property’s worth was significantly underestimated, citing the valuation of Mar-a-Lago as an example, suggesting that the property’s real value is far higher than indicated in the financial statement.

Trump expressed his discontent with the trial, deeming it a “very sad situation for our country.” He likened it to occurrences in “third-world countries” and decried the unfairness of it all. He was confident that the American people could see through the political warfare he was facing and reiterated his commitment to winning the election and “Making America Great Again.” He concluded with a vow to “fight very hard for our country.”

In response, Attorney General Letitia James launched a barrage of typical Democrat criticisms against Trump, accusing him of “taunts and race-baiting.” James, who has received donations from George Soros, among others, claimed that Trump had repeatedly inflated the value of his assets, sparking further concerns about the lawsuit’s objectivity.

The ongoing legal battle in New York is one of many cases brought forth by Democrats and the Biden administration against Trump, as he emerges as one of the leading presidential contenders to challenge Joe Biden’s presidency.