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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is set to announce his military policy in South Carolina, where he will emphasize his commitment to removing “wokeness” from the armed forces if elected president. As a former Navy officer and JAG Corps member who served in Iraq, DeSantis released a video previewing his policy, vowing to eliminate any social agenda from the military and prioritize the mission above all else.

In the video, DeSantis expresses his appreciation for wearing the uniform and serving alongside fellow patriots, emphasizing the importance of a mission greater than oneself. However, he criticizes the current state of the military, claiming that it has become increasingly focused on pursuing a social agenda rather than staying focused on its core responsibilities.

DeSantis asserts that on his first day in the White House, he would remove all aspects of what he refers to as “Obama-Biden nonsense” from the military and restore it to its former glory. This includes eliminating any elements of woke ideology that have infiltrated the armed forces.

The governor will formally unveil his military policy in South Carolina, building on his previous visit to the state in April, where he spoke about his military experience and engaged with veterans and local law enforcement. DeSantis has been proactive in supporting Florida’s military community, signing bills that assist in the educational transition of children from active-duty military families and allow work and military experience to substitute for postsecondary education requirements.

Conservatives view DeSantis’ stance on the military as a refreshing departure from the growing influence of progressive ideologies within the armed forces. They support his commitment to refocusing the military’s priorities on its core mission and removing any distractions that may undermine its effectiveness. DeSantis’ military policy aligns with conservative principles of patriotism, national defense, and limited government interference, resonating with voters who value a strong and focused military.