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After a series of Super Tuesday setbacks, Nikki Haley brought her GOP presidential nomination bid to a close, triggering a wave of reactions from conservatives and Republicans across Twitter and other platforms. Haley adopted a solemn tone, invoking words from the Book of Joshua in her tweet and speech, emphasizing strength and courage. Some supporters expressed gratitude for her classiness, highlighting the opportunity to vote for normalcy in a politically turbulent landscape.

Former President Donald Trump, signaling confidence on Truth Social, claimed that Haley suffered a resounding defeat, attributing it partly to Democratic votes in Republican primaries. Trump extended gratitude to his family, friends, and the Republican Party, boasting about the most successful Super Tuesday in history. He urged Haley supporters to join what he termed the greatest movement in the nation’s history, emphasizing Biden as the adversary destroying the country.

While some social media users lamented Haley’s departure and praised her as a class act, others focused on her non-endorsement of Trump, earning the label “Never Trump” from some Republicans. Critics like Liz Cheney expressed concern about Trump’s potential return to the Oval Office, while supporters of the former president celebrated Haley’s exit. Article III Project’s Mike Davis bluntly bid farewell to Haley, and humor found its way into responses, with Larry Elder jesting about Haley being the “President of Vermont.”

Students for Trump chair Ryan Fournier celebrated Trump’s dominance on Super Tuesday, emphasizing increased support from African-American and Latino males. Some Republican figures, including Rep. Lance Gooden and Rep. Mike Loychik, called on Haley to endorse Trump for party unity. However, not all conservatives were disappointed by Haley’s decision. Fox News host Laura Ingraham expressed relief, suggesting that now Trump wouldn’t feel obligated to reciprocate any favors. Podcaster Eric Matheny dismissed Haley’s campaign as an annoyance and labeled her as irrelevant.

Amid the diverse reactions, British politician Nigel Farage looked ahead to a potential second Trump presidential term, declaring it’s about time for Haley to exit the Republican race. With Donald Trump emerging as the GOP presidential nominee, social media is expected to host a multitude of perspectives throughout the 2024 election season.